Whiskey Lake (microarchitecture)

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Whiskey Lake
Transistors 14 nm (Tri-Gate) transistors
Architecture x86-64
Instructions x86-64, Intel 64
Socket TBA
Predecessor Desktop: Coffee Lake (2nd Optimization)
Successor Cannon Lake (Process)
Ice Lake (Architecture)
Brand name(s)
    • Celeron
    • Pentium Gold
    • Core i3
    • Core i5
    • Core i7
    • Core i9

Whiskey Lake is Intel's codename for the third 14 nm Skylake process-refinement, following Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake. After delays in the Cannon Lake 10 nm chip, Intel will ship Whiskey Lake in the second half of 2018.[1][2][3] It is expected to be a quad-core processor with GT2 graphics.[4]