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A whisper is a sound produced by whispering.

Whisper or Whispers may also refer to:

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  • "Whisper" (song), a 1981 song by Lacy J. Dalton from his album Hard Times
  • "Whisper", by Morphine from their 1995 album Yes
  • "Whisper", by Catherine from their 1996 album Hot Saki & Bedtime Stories
  • "Whisper", by Chaz Jankel from his 1983 album Chazablanca
  • "Whisper", by Alien Ant Farm from their 2001 album ANThology
  • "Whisper", by Evanescence from their 2003 album Fallen
  • "Whisper", by Tyler Joseph from his 2008 album No Phun Intended
  • "Whispers" (Corina song), from the 1991 album Corina
  • "Whispers", by Ian Brown from the 2002 album Music of the Spheres
  • "Whispers", by Symphony X from the 1995 album The Damnation Game
  • "Whispers", by Passenger from the 2014 album Whispers
  • "The Whisper", by Queensrÿche from the 1986 album Rage for Order
  • "The Whisper", by New Kids on the Block from their 2013 album 10
  • "Whispering", a 1945 song by The Pied Pipers

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