Whispers in the Dark (film)

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Whispers in the Dark
Whispers in the dark poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Christopher Crowe
Produced by Martin Bregman
Michael Bregman
Written by Christopher Crowe
Music by Thomas Newman
Cinematography Michael Chapman
Edited by Ray Hubley
Bill Pankow
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release dates
August 7, 1992
Running time
103 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $11,124,511[1]

Whispers in the Dark is a 1992 American thriller about a psychiatrist whose patient's lover may or may not be a serial killer. The film starred Annabella Sciorra, Jamey Sheridan, Alan Alda, Jill Clayburgh, John Leguizamo, Deborah Unger and Anthony LaPaglia. The film was released by Paramount Pictures on August 7, 1992. It was nominated for a Razzie Award for Alan Alda as Worst Supporting Actor.


The confessions of a sadomasochistic sexually obsessed patient disclosed as fantasies during Manhattan psychiatrist sessions begin to permeate the troubled doctor's subconscious as erotic dreams. This leads to a heated love affair. At the same time a series of shocking murders occur with evidence suggesting it is her new lover/patient.



The movie gained a negative reception. The New York Times said "in its worst moments, [the film] is exploitative, with the detective flashing gruesome photos of tortured women at Ann. More often, it is so loopy it should have been played for laughs."[2] Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a C- grade.[3] Los Angeles Times staff writer Peter Rainer called it "a textbook thriller" and stated "Doug is so Too Good to Be True that, when the inevitable murder makes its scheduled stop, [the audience] can sniff red herring a mile away. But then this movie has so many of them--including a hot-footed cop played by Anthony LaPaglia and a psychiatrist friend of Ann's played by Alan Alda--that [audiences] practically need a trawler to get through it."[4] It has a total of 25% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Box Office[edit]

The film, while grossing over $11 million,[1] was not considered to be financially successful.[5][6]


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