Whispers in the Wind – Acoustic Improvisations

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Whispers in the Wind - Acoustic Improvisations
Demo album by Neal Morse
Released January, 2006
Recorded The Morse House, Nashville December, 2005
Genre Acoustic music
Length 73:59
Label Radiant Records
Producer Neal Morse
Neal Morse chronology
Whispers in the Wind
Send the Fire
(2006)Send the Fire2006

Whispers in the Wind – Acoustic Improvisations was recorded in December 2005 for Neal Morse's Inner Circle fan club and is made up of guitar and piano improvisations. Some of the ideas on it will be developed further and will appear on official releases in the future. There are a few solos overdubbing the improvisations, but otherwise the material was not edited for mistakes or content.



Track listing[edit]

  • Disk - Total Time 73:59
  1. "Acst Guitar Improv 1" – 13:44
  2. "Piano Improv 1" – 18:38
  3. "Acst Guitar Improv 2" – 11:14
  4. "Piano Improv 2" – 9:48
  5. "Acst Guitar Improv 3" – 20:35

Release details[edit]

  • 2006, USA, Radiant Records, release date 19 January 2006, CD