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Whistler were a British indie band who released two albums on the Wiiija label.
Formed by Ian Dench after leaving EMF, the band consisted of Dench, Kerry Shaw (who had previously released a dance single through EMI called "Could This Be Love") and James Topham (who had previously played with Brian Eno).[1]
Both of the band's albums feature contributions from Tim Weller (of Grand Drive) and Fuzz Townshend.

Whistler gigged regularly around London in 1998-2000, including four concerts at The Water Rats in King's Cross. Each of these performances included a special cover version. Studio recordings of these were put together as the Intermission EP.




  • "Rare American Shoes" (Wiiija, 1998)
  • "If I Give You a Smile" (Wiiija, 1998)
  • "Don't Jump in Front of My Train" (Wiiija, 1999)
  • "Happiness" (Wiiija, 2000)


  • Intermission EP (Wiiija, 1999)