Whistling Cay, United States Virgin Islands

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Whistling Cay
Cinnamon and Whistling Cays from Cinnamon, 2011.jpg
Cinnamon Cay (left) and Whistling Cay (right), as seen from Cinnamon Bay, 2011.
Whistling Cay is located in the U.S. Virgin Islands
Whistling Cay
Whistling Cay
Location in the Caribbean
Whistling Cay is located in Caribbean
Whistling Cay
Whistling Cay
Whistling Cay (Caribbean)
LocationCaribbean Sea
Coordinates18°22′12″N 64°45′25″W / 18.370°N 64.757°W / 18.370; -64.757Coordinates: 18°22′12″N 64°45′25″W / 18.370°N 64.757°W / 18.370; -64.757
Federal DepartmentU.S. Department of the Interior
Federal AgencyU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
CapitalWashington, D.C.
LargestNew York City
PresidentDonald John Trump

Whistling Cay is a 19-acre (7.7 ha) islet, situated 300 yards (270 m) west of Mary Point on Saint John in the United States Virgin Islands. It is covered with trees and high cliffs in the north, where it reaches a 130-foot (40 m) elevation. A gravel beach is located on the southeast side of the island. It is separated from Saint John by the Fungi Passage, which has a depth of 21 feet (6.4 m).[1]

Whistling Cay can be reached by boat or kayak from Cinnamon Bay, Maho Bay, or Francis Bay[2] and it is a popular destination for scuba diving and snorkeling.[3] During the 19th century, customs officials stationed on the islet would stop and inspect boats plying the passage between the British Virgin Islands and the then Danish Virgin Islands.[4] It is located within the Virgin Islands National Park.


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