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This article is about the publishing company. For other uses, see Whitaker House (disambiguation).
Whitaker House
Whitaker House.png
Founded 1970
Founder Robert E. Whitaker, Sr.
Headquarters location New Kensington, Pennsylvania
Publication types Books
Official website www.whitakerhouse.com

Whitaker House is a charismatic, theologically conservative, evangelical Christian publishing house in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, just east of Pittsburgh. Their stated mission is "To advance God's kingdom by providing biblically based products that proclaim the power of the gospel and minister to the spiritual needs of people around the world."[1]

The distribution arm of the business now exists as Anchor Distributors, and both branches of the company operate from the same physical building and headquarters. Whitaker's 135,000-square-foot (12,500 m2) warehouse distributes over 25,000 different products.[2]

Noted Authors[edit]

A partial list of Whitaker House's notable authors follows:

  • Jentezen FranklinRight People, Right Place, Right Plan
  • Michael FranzeseBlood Covenant
  • Marilyn HickeyNames of God
  • Larry HuchFree at Last, 10 Curses That Block the Blessing, The Torah Blessing
  • Eddie LongIt's Your Time, The Elect Lady
  • Myles MunroeBecoming a Leader, The Fatherhood Principle, The Most Important Person on Earth, The Spirit of Leadership, The Principles and Power of Vision, Understanding the Purpose & Power of Men, Understanding the Purpose & Power of Women
  • Derek PrinceAppointment In Jerusalem, Gifts Of The Spirit, Gateway To God's Blessing, Fasting, Entering The Presence Of God, Does Your Tongue Need Healing?, Declaring God's Word (Devotional), God's Plan For Your Money, The Grace of Yielding, Lucifer Exposed, Marriage Covenant
  • Lester Sumrall60 Things God Said about Sex, The Names of God, The Gifts & Ministries of the Holy Spirit, Demons: The Answer Book, The Believer's Handbook, Angels to Help You


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