Whitchurch and Tattenhall Railway

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Whitchurch and Tattenhall Railway
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The Whitchurch and Tattenhall Railway was a railway line in Cheshire, which ran between Whitchurch and Tattenhall, where it joined the North Wales Coast Line at Tattenhall to terminate in Chester. It was built as part of the London and North Western Railway.

Places served[edit]

The line connected the small Cheshire Villages of Malpas, Hampton, Edge, Duckington, Broxton, and Tattenhall with Chester and Whitchurch.


The line continued to exist until it closed in 1963 for goods traffic, having already lost its passenger service in 1957.

The route today[edit]

Today the line's old route intertwines with the current route of the A41 on its journey between Whitchurch and Chester.