White-throated oxylabes

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White-throated oxylabes
Oxylabes madagascariensis.jpg
Scientific classification

Sharpe, 1870
O. madagascariensis
Binomial name
Oxylabes madagascariensis
(Gmelin, 1789)

Hypositta perdita

The white-throated oxylabes (Oxylabes madagascariensis) is a species of passerine bird. Formerly considered part of the Old World warbler family Sylviidae, it has been moved to the family Bernieridae — the Malagasy warblers.[2] It is endemic to Madagascar, where its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.[1]

In 2013, genetic studies determined that the former Bluntschli's vanga (also known as short-toed nuthatch-vanga), a species described in 1996 from two specimens collected in 1931, was actually this species. The specimens were both juveniles in a poorly known brown plumage.[3]


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