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White is a colour.

White(s) or The White may also refer to:






Other uses[edit]

  • White's, a London gentleman's club
  • White Airways, a Portuguese airline
  • White Motor Company, a defunct maker of automobiles and trucks
  • White's Boots, a United States bootmaking company
  • Cricket whites, the uniform worn by cricketers
  • "Chef's whites" is a term for a chef's uniform
  • Egg white, the clear liquid in an egg
  • Swansea RFC or The Whites, a Welsh rugby union team
  • "Whites" is an archaic term for leukorrhea, a medical condition
  • Sclera, the white part of an eye, commonly called the "white of the eye"
  • White Day, a holiday in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China on March 14. Celebrated one month after Valentine's Day, for men to buy chocolate for women in return for their Valentine's Day gifts.

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