White Birds Productions

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White Birds Productions
IndustryVideo games
Founded2003 (2003)
Defunct2011 (2011)
Key people
Benoît Sokal, Olivier Fontenay, Michel Bams, Jean-Philippe Messian
ServicesComputer and video game Development
Number of employees

White Birds Productions was a French video game developer. White Birds was founded by Benoît Sokal, Olivier Fontenay, Jean-Philippe Messian and Michel Bams in August 2003. White Birds specialised in adventure games but also handled other work, such as synthetic image creation, comics and merchandising.[1]

The four founders had previously worked together at another French video game company, Microïds, producing Amerzone, Syberia and Syberia II. Microïds has since maintained connections with the company, for example by publishing Sinking Island.

White Birds Productions was based in the Paris suburb of Joinville-le-Pont (94) and employed 20 people.[2] White Birds was a member of the PlayAll project, a middleware cross-platform created in collaboration with other game studios and university laboratories.

The company was shut down late 2010 due to financial problems mostly caused by a cancelled/unpaid for project.[3]


White Birds primarily develop PC games, but they are also work with other consoles such as the Nintendo DS and the iPhone/iPod Touch.[4]


Title Release date Notes
Paradise 2006
Sinking Island 4 October 2007
Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals 10 September 2008[5][6] Adaptation of The Nikopol Trilogy: La Foire aux immortels.
Aquarica Cancelled[7]
Broadway Cancelled[8]

Nintendo DS[edit]

Title Release date Notes
Emma at the Farm 2007 Adaptation of Martine books.
Emma at the Mountain February 2008 Adaptation of Martine books.
Last King of Africa Mid-2008 Mobile adaptation of Paradise.
Crime Scene (also known as Criminology)[9] 16 February 2010

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad[edit]

Title Release date Notes
Upside Down 10 December 2009
Babel Rising 9 February 2010
SocCars 11 February 2010
Last King of Africa (released as 3 episodes) July 2010 (Episode 1) Mobile adaptation of Paradise.


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