White Bluff, Georgia

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White Bluff, Georgia
CountryUnited States
CountyChatham County

White Bluff was a collection of communities—Nicholsonboro, Rose Dhu, Twin Hill, and Cedar Grove—located in Chatham County, Georgia, United States and now part of Savannah. In 1940, as part of research published in Drums and Shadows: Survival Studies Among the Georgia Coastal Negroes, the total population was estimated at 400. The communities were centered on White Bluff Road, eight miles southeast of Savannah.

Drum and Shadows describes White Bluff as a "quiet Negro community" where "moss-hung oaks form a canopy and cast filigreed shadows" upon the community's main road. Many of its older (as of 1940) inhabitants were former slaves on a large plantation on St. Catherines Island owned by Jacob Waldburg. They moved to White Bluff in 1868 after Waldburg reclaimed the island, which after the Civil War had been briefly reserved for freed slaves by General Sherman's Special Field Orders, No. 15.


Drums and Shadows: Survival Studies Among the Georgia Coastal Negroes (1940; 1986 reprint: ISBN 0-8203-0851-X) by the Federal Writers' Project of the WPA

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