White Breast Creek

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White Breast Creek
Country US
State Iowa
Districts Marion County, Iowa, Clarke County, Iowa, Lucas County, Iowa, Warren County, Iowa
 - coordinates 41°01′45″N 93°53′33″W / 41.0292°N 93.8924°W / 41.0292; -93.8924
Mouth Des Moines River
 - elevation 725 ft (221 m)
 - coordinates 41°23′43″N 93°02′19″W / 41.3952°N 93.0385°W / 41.3952; -93.0385Coordinates: 41°23′43″N 93°02′19″W / 41.3952°N 93.0385°W / 41.3952; -93.0385
Mouth of White Breast Creek (United States Environmental Protection Agency)
U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: White Breast Creek

White Breast Creek is an important tributary of the Des Moines River in Iowa. It flows 91.3 miles (146.9 km)[1] from southwest to northeast, rising in Ward Township in Union County, near Osceola, and flowing in an easterly then a northeasterly direction, to its mouth with the Des Moines River at Lake Red Rock.


Its first main tributary is South White Breast Creek, on its left bank; this creek has intermittent tributaries named Hoosier Creek and Little Hoosier Creek in Green Bay Township in Clarke County.

Brush Creek enters as a right bank tributary south of Lucas, in the Lucas Unit of the Stephens State Forest Wildlife Management Area, in Jackson Township of Lucas County. Indian Creek (White Breast Creek) joins in Liberty Township, also on the left bank.

Little White Breast Creek enters from the right bank, also in Liberty Township in Lucas County. This creek rises north and east of Chariton from Lake Morris and Lake Ellis, two small reservoirs.

The next three left bank tributaries are Barker Creek (White Breast Creek), a short stream confined to Liberty Township in Lucas County; Stoney Creek (White Breast Creek) then Cotton Creek (White Breast Creek) join White Breast Creek near Lacona.

Wolf Creek (White Breast Creek) and its tributary, Flank Creek (White Breast Creek) enter on the left bank in Dallas Township, a few miles west of Dallas. A few miles north of Dallas, the creek has a significant floodplain, regularly subject to inundation.

Hawk Run (White Breast Creek) is the last significant tributary, entering near Lake Red Rock on the left bank.

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