White Dawns

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White Dawns
The cover of the book "Beli Mugri"
AuthorKočo Racin
Original titleБели мугри
Publication date

White Dawns (Macedonian: Бели мугри, Beli mugri) is a collection of poems by the famous Macedonian writer Kočo Racin (Кочо Рацин), published in 1939 in Samobor, near Zagreb, Croatia. This is the third collection of poems published in contemporary Macedonian language, after Venko Markovski's Folk Sorrows (Народни бигори) and The Fire (Огинот), published in 1938.

White Dawns was printed on 25 November at the printing house of Dragutin Schpuler in 4.000 copies. After the established communist practice, the title is printed in red. Since there lay a danger in discovering the author's identity, Kosta Solev published the work under the pseudonym "K. Racin" (К. Рацин). The collection quickly gained popularity all over the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and met its greatest success in Macedonia.[citation needed]

White Dawns comprises 12 poems in the following order:

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