White Flag League

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White Flag League
Flag of the White Flag League.svg
Flag of the League
Active 1923 - 1924
Ideology Egyptian-Sudanese Unity
Leaders Ali Abdullatif
Abdullah Khalil
Opponents  United Kingdom

The White Flag League (also known as the White Flag Association, White Flag Society, or the White Brigade Movement) was an organized nationalist resistance movement of Sudanese military officers, formed in 1923-1924, which made a substantial early attempt toward Sudanese independence.[1]

The League was founded by Lieutenant Ali Abdullatif and Abdullah Khalil . It advocated for "Unity of the Nile Valley," calling for Sudanese independence and unity with Egypt, and pledging allegiance to King Fuad.[2]

First lieutenant Abdul Fadil Almaz led the group's insurrection of the military training academy, which ended in their defeat and the Almaz's death after the British army blew up the military hospital where he was garrisoned.[citation needed] It has been suggested[citation needed] that this defeat was partially the result of the Egyptian garrison in Khartoum North not supporting the insurrection with artillery as was previously promised.

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