White Head Island

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White Head Island
White Head Island is located in New Brunswick
White Head Island
White Head Island
Location in the Bay of Fundy
Location Bay of Fundy
Coordinates 44°37′52.6″N 66°42′28.63″W / 44.631278°N 66.7079528°W / 44.631278; -66.7079528Coordinates: 44°37′52.6″N 66°42′28.63″W / 44.631278°N 66.7079528°W / 44.631278; -66.7079528
Archipelago Grand Manan Archipelago
Area 6.17 km2 (2.38 sq mi)
Province New Brunswick
County Charlotte
Parish Grand Manan Parish
Population 162 (2011)[1]
Pop. density 26.3 /km2 (68.1 /sq mi)
Long Point Lighthouse
Long Point Lighthouse at the southern tip of White Head Island
White Head Island is located in New Brunswick
White Head Island
New Brunswick
Location Long Point
White Head Island
New Brunswick
Coordinates 44°36′49.85″N 66°42′35.48″W / 44.6138472°N 66.7098556°W / 44.6138472; -66.7098556
Year first constructed 1966
Foundation concrete basement
Construction concrete tower
Tower shape square prism tower with balcony and lantern rising from the fog signal building
Markings / pattern white tower, red lantern
Height 11 metres (36 ft)
Focal height 15.5 metres (51 ft)
Light source solar power
Range 12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi)[2]
Characteristic Iso W 12s.
Fog signal 2s. blast every 20s.
Admiralty number H4178
CHS number CCG 25
NGA number 11400
ARLHS number CAN-644
Managing agent Canadian Coast Guard[3][4]

White Head Island is a Canadian island located in the Bay of Fundy.

White Head elementary school August, 2016

Located within Grand Manan Parish which is part of Charlotte County, New Brunswick, the island is located off the east coast of Grand Manan Island. In 2011 the island had a population of 162. White Head Island is governed as a local service district.[1]

White Head Post Office

Its economy is based largely around aquaculture and fishing.[5][verification needed]

William Franklin Ferry at Ingalls Head

The island has an elementary school which has kindergarten to grade 2 and grades 3 to 6 in two separate classrooms. Recently there have been efforts to move children to the larger Grand Manan Community School however the younger grades remain on White Head due to the ferry crossing. It's the smallest school within the Anglophone South School District of Southern New Brunswick.

The only public transportation off the island is via Grand Manan Island to White Head Island Ferry, the William Franklin which operates year round and is free of charge.

The community has a small general store located at the dock where the ferry arrives at the island.

There is a Baptist church on the island that was completed in 1981. However, there are records of a religious house in use until 1928, when the second of three churches was dedicated.[6]


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