The White Hills Park Federation Trust

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The White Hills Park Federation Trust[1]
Motto A Federation for Every Future
Established 2006
Type Comprehensive
Executive Head Teacher Paul Heery
Location Moor Lane, Beeston
Coordinates: 52°56′32″N 1°14′51″W / 52.9421°N 1.2474°W / 52.9421; -1.2474
Local authority Nottinghamshire
Students 1400
Gender co-educational
Ages 11–19
Colours Black, White, Red & Blue

The White Hills Park Federation Trust, is a collective group of schools in Bramcote, Nottinghamshire, England. Aimed at bringing the benefits and economies of scale of a large establishment, while remaining to keep two schools, under one Management Structure and Governing Body. The name is derived from the three schools originally within the federation. The Federation was founded in 2006 after recruiting a 'super head', for the three schools which at the time none of which had a headteachers.[2] Kevin Dean was recruited from Eastwood Comprehensive School, to become the Federation Executive Head Teacher.[3]

On 1 October 2012 the White Hills Park Federation became The White Hills Park Federation Trust, a multi-academy trust comprising two academies: Alderman White School and The Bramcote School

Schools in the Federation[edit]

Former Federated School

Bramcote Hills Sport & Community College was in the federation from its conception, however following its legal closure on August 2009, due to building safety problems, the remaining site is now under the legal control of Alderman White School & Language College.

Bramcote Hills Sports and Community College was formally closed by Nottinghamshire County Council on 31 August 2009.[4] At the same time the council agreed from 1 September 2009, to enlarge Alderman White School and Language College, to incorporate the remaining site of Bramcote Hills School, following demolition of the unsafe upper school, this making Alderman White a split site school, and keeping the buildings in use within the federation [5]

Former Bramcote Hills Site[edit]

The two schools now share one 6th Form facility based at the former Bramcote Hills Sport & Community College Site, called Bramcote College, now under the Alderman White School management. [6]

Investigations into the structural issues with the former Bramcote Hills site buildings, now in use by Alderman White School have been ongoing. Extensive structural testing, concluded in February 2009, determined that the buildings that have remained in use, by the former school, can remain in use for the next three years. It is likely that they can be retained beyond that and probably for six years, subject to regular monitoring and inspection. This should result in the buildings being in use until the time that Building Schools for the Future (BSF) funding delivers a solution for this area. Beyond that time the future use of the buildings is currently unclear within the context of BSF. A master plan, identifying the educational needs and requirements of the area will be developed to clarify this at a later date. The current proposals may provide the flexibility to retain parts of the existing buildings, subject to the monitoring and testing regime [7]

An appraisal has been carried out to determine the cost of building a new 14-19 vocational facility on the former Bramcote Hills site. This has been estimated at approximately £13million, which is far in excess of the estimated costs for repairing and reinstating existing accommodation. Repairing and reinstating the existing buildings is the option that will be least disruptive to students’ education and provide sufficient teaching accommodation.[8]

The costs attributed to the building problems at the Bramcote Hills site as of 10/2/2009 are £1,752,642.71, which comprises Survey Costs, Associated works from the survey to all buildings on the site £1,393,561.52 and Demolition of the Upper School Block £317,368.65. The workes from the surveys included works to the lower school, major works to the technology block, which are ongoing, temporary fencing and scaffolding, relocation of Drama, IT Science and forming access road to the Park School site. All equipment value retrieved from the upper school site was retained by the former Bramcote Hills School.[9]

Under a Freedom of Information Act Request, copies of the structural surveys of all the buildings on the Bramcote Hills Site have been released and reveal faults have also been found in the floor and supporting structures of the Lower School along with the details on the failing roof beams on the Technology Block, and the possibility of failure due to the replacement of original metal framed windows with UPVC units.
FOI Request - Report on Inspection of Elevation on Lower School
FOI Report Continued
FOI Request - Costings Breakdown and Further information [10]

Members and Directors (Governors) (as of 28th February 2017)[edit]


Ruth Brittle (Vice Chair) - Member
Simon Cox - Trustee
Craig Peebles -Member
Graham Perry-Slack - Trustee


Adam Bird (Chair) - Member
Christopher Day - Member
Clare Goodyear - Member
Tina Launchbury - Trustee
Sunil Limbachia - Member
Cathy Peacock - Member
Wayne Plimmer - Trustee
Sue Vasey - Member
Mark Wallace - Trustee


Nicola Caley - Trustee
Paul Heery - Accounting Officer
James Macdonald - Trustee
Caryn Welch - Trustee

Mike Powell - Company Secretary
Karen Sims - Clerk


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