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White horse or whitehorse may refer to:

White equines[edit]

Mythology and symbolism[edit]

Equine coat colors[edit]

  • White (horse), about the range of horses mostly lacking in pigmentation
  • Dominant white, the genetic mechanism that produces horses born with both white or mostly white hair and skin color
  • Gray (horse), most common white horse hair coat color; foals are born dark and hair lightens until it becomes white at maturity
  • Lethal white syndrome, a fatal genetic condition where foals homozygous for the gene are born with a white coat and skin, but also an underdeveloped colon and for that reason cannot survive, heterozygous foals live and exhibit the frame overo color pattern
  • Sabino horse (SB-1), a genetic mechanism different from dominant white that also sometimes produces a horse that is white from birth



Cities, villages, towns[edit]

Geography, landscape and architecture[edit]

Hill figures[edit]

A hill figure is a large visual representation created by cutting into a steep hillside and revealing the underlying geology.

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