White Horse Inn (1948 film)

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White Horse Inn
White Horse Inn (1948 film).jpg
Directed byBenito Perojo
Produced byEmelco
Written byJuan Carlos Muello
Hans Müller-Einigen (libretto)
Erik Charell (libretto)
Ralph Benatzky (libretto)
Oscar Blumenthal (play)
Gustav Kadelburg (play)
StarringElisa Christian Galvé
Juan Carlos Thorry
Tilda Thamar
Héctor Calcaño
Osvaldo Miranda
Music byRalph Benatzky
Release date
April 15, 1948
Running time
72 minutes

White Horse Inn (Spanish: La hostería del caballito blanco) is a 1948 Argentine musical comedy film directed by Benito Perojo and written by Juan Carlos Muello based upon the homonymous opera White Horse Inn by Ralph Benatzky and Robert Stolz. It was premiered on April 15, 1948.

The plot is about a famous singer who falls in love with the owner of an inn.


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