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The White House Millennium Council was an American organization established by Executive Order 13072 in 1998 by President Bill Clinton to commemorate the millennium.[1] The council's theme was "Honor the Past -- Imagine the Future."

Council activities[edit]

The council was headed by then-First Lady Hillary Clinton,[2] and during a two-year period it engaged in numerous activities surrounding the millennium; for example, a time capsule was created,[3] which included various recordings, a state flag, a photo of Rosa Parks, a piece of the Berlin Wall, a film of Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon and other items. The capsule is designed to be opened in 2100, and is stored by the National Archives and Records Administration.[4] Students were challenged to imagine traveling to and living on Mars by 2030.[5] The President and the First Lady hosted Millennium Evenings, a series of lectures and cultural showcases designed to highlight contributions of Americans in arts, sciences and other areas.[6]

White House Millennium Celebration[edit]

The White House Millennium Celebration included several events, and was televised internationally. Nathan Baxter, then-Dean of Washington National Cathedral, was selected to deliver the prayer for the nation;[7] Terry McAuliffe, a friend of the Clintons, chaired a dinner celebration at the White House.[8]

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