White House Office of the Press Secretary

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White House Office of the Press Secretary
Agency overview
Formed 1929
Headquarters White House
Employees About 30
Agency executive
Parent agency White House Office
Website www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room

The White House Office of the Press Secretary, or the Press Office, is responsible for gathering and disseminating information to three principal groups: the President, the White House staff, and the media. The Office is headed by the White House Press Secretary, and is part of the White House Office, which is a subunit of the Executive Office of the President.

The White House Office of the Press Secretary deals with the daily press needs of the president and manages his/her/their relationship with the news media.[1]


The Press Office is responsible for providing support and information to the national and international media regarding the President's beliefs, activities and actions. It works alongside the Office of Communications in crafting and espousing the administration's message.

Key Staff[edit]

Reference List[edit]

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