White Lies (TV series)

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White Lies
Promotional poster for White Lies
Also known as 'White Lie'
Written by Jo Eun-jung
Directed by
  • Bae Han-chun
  • Lee Min-soo
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 159
Executive producer(s) Lee Dae-young
Running time 30 minutes
Original network Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Original release December 1, 2008 (2008-12-01) – July 10, 2009 (2009-07-10)
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White Lies (Hangul하얀 거짓말; RRHayan Geojitmal) is a South Korean television series starring Shin Eun-kyung, Kim Hae-sook, Kim Yu-seok, Kim Tae-hyun and Im Ji-eun. The morning daily drama aired on MBC on Mondays to Fridays at 7:50 a.m. from December 1, 2008 to July 10, 2009 for 159 episodes.

White Lies recorded ratings of over 20% — unusually popular for a morning show.[1] It was also shortlisted for Best Telenovela at the International Emmys.[2]


Seo Eun-young (Shin Eun-kyung) is happily engaged to marry Kang Jung-woo (Kim Yu-seok) until he suddenly dumps her to marry a rich woman, Hong Na-kyung (Im Ji-eun). Eun-young, alone and pregnant, is left behind as her ex-fiance and his new bride go abroad. Managing to get a job as a nurse at a hospital, she supports herself while five years go by.

Meanwhile, one of her patients, Kang Hyung-woo (Kim Tae-hyun) falls in love with her and wholeheartedly pursues her. With Hyung-woo's wealthy mother Madam Shin, a department store owner, in support of the match, Eun-young has no reason to refuse him beyond her memories of Jung-woo. But then Jung-woo suddenly returns, and Eun-young discovers that Hyung-woo is his half-brother. Hyung-woo is autistic, and with Eun-young, he is able to express himself and open his mind to the world. And though Eun-young initially marries him for money and revenge, with time she starts to genuinely love Hyung-woo.


Seo family
Kang family
Madam Shin's family
  • Kim Tae-hyun as Kang Hyung-woo (Jung-woo's half brother)
  • Jung Yoon-jo as Kang Shin-woo (Jung-woo's half sister)
  • Kim Hae-sook as Shin Jung-wook, or Madam Shin (Hyung-woo and Shin-woo's mother)
Extended cast
  • Kim Jin as Joo Hong-jin
  • Jung Hee-tae as Ahn Bi-seo
  • Lee Eun-soo as Bi-an
  • Kang Suk-jung as Cha Min-jae (photographer)
  • Song Ji-eun as Song Yeon-hee (Madam Shin's new housekeeper)
  • Seol Ji-yoon as Lawyer Kang
  • Min Joon-hyun as doctor
  • Seo Dong-hyun as Bi-an's friend
  • Han Young-kwang
  • Heo Tae-hee

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