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Mira Billotte in 2003.

White Magic is a psychedelic folk rock group based in Brooklyn, New York City, led by singer/guitarist/pianist Mira Billotte.[1]


White Magic's original lineup was Mira Billotte on vocals and piano, drummer/bassist Miggy Littleton and guitarist/drummer Andy Macleod.[2] Billotte played drums and sang in Quix*o*tic with her sister Christina Billotte (of Slant 6 fame); Miggie Littleton was a founding member of Blood On The Wall; and MacLeod also played in California Speedway. The subsequent lineup included "Sleepy" Doug Shaw.[3] Occasionally Tim Dewitt, drummer of Gang Gang Dance, then credited as "Dutch E-Germ" would play with White Magic when Miggy was not available. For a couple of years, the band played in New York. They soon appeared on a United Bamboo compilation. Drag City signed them in 2003, and in 2004 released the band's Through The Sun Door EP to general critical praise.

They toured the U.S. in 2009, opening for like-minded folk musicians including Will Oldham.

In 2005, the group appeared on a free split EP, sponsored by Tylenol; it featured three songs each by White Magic and indie rock band The American Analog Set. Throughout 2005, Billotte performed as White Magic accompanied by guitarist Sleepy Doug Shaw and the band's core lineup has consisted of these two musicians, aided by an array of friends/musicians of similar musical aesthetics.

Drag City released the band's debut full-length album Dat Rosa Mel Apibus (The Rose Gives The Bees Honey) in 2006, followed by 2007's Dark Stars EP.

In 2007, Billotte recorded Bob Dylan's "As I Went Out One Morning" for the Todd Haynes film I'm Not There and White Magic has released a few songs up through 2013, but no further albums have been released by the band.


  • Through The Sun Door EP (2004, Drag City)
  • Songs of Hurt and Healing split EP with American Analog Set (2005, Ouch!)
  • "Long Time Ago" on the Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, and Chanteys compilation (2006, Anti)
  • Katie Cruel Single (2006, Drag City)
  • Dat Rosa Mel Apibus (2006, Drag City)
  • Dark Stars EP (2007, Drag City)
  • "New Egypt" 1-song release, limited to 1000 cds (2008, Southern)
  • White Widow Single (2011, The Mysteries)
  • Out Beyond The Moon on LAMC#6 split 7" with Cass McCombs (2013, Famous Class Records)


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