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173rd Street

White Plains Road is a major north-south thoroughfare which runs the length of the Bronx borough of New York City. It runs from Castle Hill and Clason Point in the south to Wakefield in the north, where it crosses the city line and becomes West 1st Street of Mount Vernon, New York. The Bronx River Parkway lies to its west and parallels much of its route. Between Magenta Street & 217th Street, White Plains Road is very wide due to the presence of the Gun Hill Road station house in the road's median.

North of Birchall Avenue in Van Nest, White Plains Road runs below the New York City Subway line of the same name until between East 241st Street and Saint Quen Street in Wakefield.

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Coordinates: 40°51′22.81″N 73°52′3.46″W / 40.8563361°N 73.8676278°W / 40.8563361; -73.8676278