White River State Park

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Not to be confused with White River Falls State Park in Oregon.
White River State Park
White River State Park is located in Indiana
White River State Park
Location of White River State Park in Indiana
Type State Park
Location Marion County, Indiana, United States
Nearest city Indianapolis
Coordinates 39°46′00″N 86°10′11″W / 39.76667°N 86.16972°W / 39.76667; -86.16972Coordinates: 39°46′00″N 86°10′11″W / 39.76667°N 86.16972°W / 39.76667; -86.16972
Area 250 acres (100 ha)
Created 1979
Operated by White River State Park Development Commission
Visitors 3.0 to 3.5 million (in 2009)[1]
Status Open all year
Website Official website

White River State Park covers 250 acres (1 km2) in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, on the western edge of the downtown area at 801 West Washington Street. It is also one of six designated cultural districts in Indianapolis. Among the attractions located in or near the park are the Indiana State Museum and IMAX Theater, the Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens, the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, the NCAA Headquarters and Hall of Champions, the Medal of Honor Memorial, Victory Field (home of Indianapolis Indians’ baseball), Military Park, the Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn Concert Series, and the Indiana Cross Country Arena.

Restoration on this area began in the late 1980s, when public attention fell on the Indiana Central Canal. The canal was originally engineered in the 1830s as a way to ship goods through the state of Indiana, but the project went bankrupt and the Indianapolis section of the canal was the only section that was ever dug. Although the canal was never used for what it was built for, recent restoration and development have changed the area and it is currently functioning as a cultural center within the city of Indianapolis. One of the proposed focal points of the park, Indiana Tower, was never constructed.

Key dates[edit]

The following listing shows key points of interest and founding dates surrounding White River State Park and Central Canal Cultural District:

1870 - Opens as the original water pumping station for the city of Indianapolis.
1969 - Pumping Station closed.
1980 - Accepted for inclusion on the National Register for Historic Places.
1981 - Renovations complete and reopens as the Park's headquarters and Visitors' Center.
2003 - Opens.
1988 - Park’s first attraction established.
1999 - Opens.
1916 - Opens as part of the National Road.
1994 - Historic National Road U.S. 40 previously linking the U.S. from East to West start renovations.
1999 - Art Sculptures in the Park begins.
1999–2000 - Relocated to Indianapolis from Kansas City.
1999–2000 - Relocated to Indianapolis from Kansas City.
2002 - Opens.
1996 - Opens as Indiana's only IMAX theatre.
1996-Present - Operates as the largest IMAX in Indiana.
1999 - Opens and dedication.
1822 - Indianapolis's 1st documented 4th of July Celebration.
1852 - First Indiana State Fair.
1861 - Civil War encampment until 1865.
Present day - Home to many charity events, festivals, outdoor concerts, etc.
Trivia - The land known as Military Park is one of only three pieces of property that is forbidden by the Indiana Constitution to be sold – the other two are Monument Circle and half of the State Capitol building.
1830 - Founded.
1999 - A neighbor of White River State Park located just east of West Street (City of Indianapolis Property) that opened in 1999.
Not one of the Park's attractions, but a neighbor to White River State Park and open to the public.
1989 - Opened as the park’s second attraction.
2005 - Opens expanded gallery space, state-of-the-art education facility, performance/special event areas, and indoor/outdoor dining restaurant - doubling the Museum's size.
1996 - Opens as home of the Indianapolis Indians playing games from April to September.
2005 - Triple-A affiliate of MLB Pittsburgh Pirates.
2004 - Opens Inaugural Summer Concert Season as Indianapolis's world-class Outdoor Concert Venue.
2006 - Named one of the top 100 outdoor concert venues in the world by Pollstar magazine.
2007 - Named one of the top 100 outdoor concert venues in the world by Pollstar magazine, doubles concert attendance with 50,000+ spectators, includes 11 shows.
2008 - Once again, named one of the top 100 outdoor concert venues in the world by Pollstar magazine and over 50,000 spectators at 8 shows.
2009 - Named one of the top 100 outdoor concert venues in the world by Pollstar magazine and another great season with over 50,000 spectators at 12 shows.
2007 - White River State Park partners with The Indiana Invaders, Indy Greenways, Indianapolis Parks & Canals, the National Institute for Fitness & Sport (NIFS), local and international businesses, and community partners to revitalize the flood plain greenspace along the White River for education, health, and recreation opportunities.
2008 - Opens in August for the first and unofficial Inaugural Season as Indianapolis's world-class outdoor running venue located along the east bank of the White River with 9 meets and invitationals.
2008 - Middle School (Inaugural National Middle School Championships), High School (City of Indianapolis Championships), and Youth (Indiana USA Track and Field Junior Olympics) teams showcase their competitive spirit.
2010 - Anticipating its Official Inaugural Season late summer.


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