White Rock Centre

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White Rock Centre
South Surrey town center.JPG
Looking Northbound towards Bay 5 through 9.
Location 152 Street & 16 Avenue
Surrey, British Columbia
Johnston Road & North Bluff Road
White Rock, British Columbia
Coordinates 49°01′52″N 122°48′04″W / 49.03111°N 122.80111°W / 49.03111; -122.80111Coordinates: 49°01′52″N 122°48′04″W / 49.03111°N 122.80111°W / 49.03111; -122.80111
Owned by TransLink
Bus routes 11
Bus stands 9 bays
Other information
Fare zone 3
Opened April 4, 1975
Previous names White Rock Hill Top Exchange

White Rock Centre is a major transit exchange in Surrey and White Rock, British Columbia. Opened on April 4, 1975, it is the southern-most major transit hub in the Metro Vancouver area (as it is only a few kilometres from the Canada-United States border).[1][2] Part of the TransLink system, it is home to routes serving White Rock and South Surrey, as well as some express routes to downtown Surrey and Richmond.

Structure and location[edit]

The exchange is located around the intersection of 152nd Street (Johnston Road) and 16th Avenue (North Bluff Road); it uses a curb lane and is not separated from regular traffic. Roughly half of the exchange is located on the White Rock side, while the other half lies on the Surrey side—the city limits separating the two cities run through the exchange.

Adjacent to White Rock Centre is the largest mall in the South Surrey/White Rock area, Semiahmoo Shopping Centre. Peace Arch Hospital, the primary hospital in the area, is located approximately 0.75 kilometres east of the exchange, while White Rock's city hall is located approximately the same distance, but to the south.

White Rock Centre's location is considered to be White Rock's downtown, despite the fact that half the area lies on the Surrey side of the city border.


Route Destinations Notes Bay
321 Surrey Central Station
White Rock South
Select Sunday/Holiday AM trips extend to New Westminster Station 4
345 King George Station Weekdays only. 6
351 Bridgeport Station
Crescent Beach
Express 5
354 Bridgeport Station Express, AM peak hours on weekdays only. 2
360 Ocean Park
Peace Arch Hospital
2 / 4
361 Ocean Park 3 / 8
362 Seaside 3 / 8
363 Southpoint
Peace Arch Hospital
3 / 4
375 Guildford
White Rock South
394 King George Station Express, Peak hours on weekdays only. 7
531 Willowbrook 9

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