White Rose Transmission

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White Rose Transmission
Years active1995 (1995)–present
LabelsStrange Ways, Fuego
Associated actsThe Sound, The Convent
Past membersAdrian Borland
Carlo van Putten
Claudia Uman
Florian Brattman
David Maria Gramse

White Rose Transmission is/was a band consisting of guitarist-vocalist Adrian Borland, vocalists Carlo van Putten and Claudia Uman, keyboardist-guitarist Florian Brattman and violinist David Maria Gramse.[1][2] It started in 1995 when Adrian Borland (The Sound) started working together with a singer Carlo van Putten (previously The Convent).[3] They released two albums before a sudden death of Adrian Borland in 1999. In 2006 Carlo van Putten invited his friend Rob Keijzer to the band. They recorded a new album "Bewitched & Bewildered" with Marty Willson-Piper performing on the tracks "Martha's Harbour" and "Circle". In 2008 a fourth album was recorded with Frank Weyzig joined the band on guitars.


  • White Rose Transmission (1995, Indigo, Strange Ways)
  • 700 Miles of Desert (1999, Fuego, Red Sun Records)
  • Presence (1999, no label)
  • Bewitched & Bewildered (2006, Pop One Records)
  • Spiders in The Mind Web (7 May 2010, Echozone)
  • Spinning Webs at Night (2011, Echozone)


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