White Springs Television

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White Springs Television
Type Internet television (movies) (Until 2014)
Broadcast and Cable network (Until 2009)
Country United States
Availability National
Owner White Springs Media
Key people
Victor Ives, founder
Launch date
January 2007
Dissolved October 2009 (TV Network)
September 2014 (Internet)
Official website

White Springs Television (WSTV) was an American internet television channel which featured mainly motion pictures, owned by White Springs Media, with studios in Portland, Oregon, and technical facilities in White Springs, Florida (the network being a namesake of the town). It was established in August 2005 by Victor Ives, a veteran Portland broadcaster who helped relaunch KEBN channel 32 (now KRCW-TV) in 1994 with an all-movie schedule. This helped inspire Ives to create a movie channel featuring all movies around the clock—mostly with films from the public domain and made-for-TV movies, with TV commercials and short features seen only between films.

White Springs Television was previously available nationwide on selected cable TV systems and television stations. It was previously available via FTA on Galaxy 27, however the channel is now dark on that satellite as of October 2009. The network's parent company, White Springs Media also owns the TalkStar Radio Network and used the WSTV transponder to distribute TalkStar programming. White Springs also owns satellite teleport facilities.

White Springs Television was seen on outlets including WANN-LD 32.4 in Atlanta (formerly on WYGA-LD 16.2); WWCG-LP in Columbus, Georgia; KFLA-LD Los Angeles; KDEO-LD Denver; KHPK-LP Denton, Texas; and KITL-LP Boise. Company publicity claimed over a hundred full- and part-time network affiliates, but did not publish a list.

In October 2009, White Springs TV announced on their website that they would be changing their name to The Golden Age of Movies Channel. The website also stated there would be new satellite coordinates and web streaming. (Though no such network has not since launched, and it is unknown if it will or not) The website remained active, until September 2014. The streaming link continued to operate as "WSTV", while a schedule page on White Springs TV's site went to a domain parker. After September 2014, The Website, along with the streaming link was taken down.

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