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White Willow is a Norwegian art rock band, mixing elements of orchestral pop, 70's progressive rock, jazz-rock and even electronic elements. They have released 6 albums so far: 1995's Ignis Fatuus, which features symphonic folk rock in the vein of early King Crimson and Genesis as well as Mellow Candle; 1998's Ex Tenebris, which is minimalist prog/post-rock; 2000's Sacrament, a full-blown symphonic rock/pop release; 2004's Storm Season, the band's best-selling record to date,[1] mixing darker, more guitar-heavy elements into their sound, and their fifth studio album, Signal to Noise, which was released in August 2006. Their new album Terminal Twilight was released on October 17, 2011.[2] "Terminal Twilight" was well received by critics. Horror/rock website Bloody Disgusting wrote: "Stunningly beautiful, almost heart achingly so, Terminal Twilight unfolds and reveals itself like a painting that shows more and more with each viewing".[1] Allmusic.com called the album "a tour de force in inventive art rock".[1] MSN Music called it "a gorgeous, haunting album".[1] "Terminal Twilight" was also voted best produced album of 2011 by the readers of prog blog Progulator.[1]

White Willow's influences range from 10cc, The Beach Boys, Big Star and Steely Dan to King Crimson, Magma, Weather Report and even Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell.[1] They have been hailed by The Billboard Guide to Progressive Music as "one of the most significant progressive groups of the current era".[3] Typical of their sound is the prominence of female vocals, flute and mellotrons and analog synthesizers.

Many guest artists have appeared on White Willow's albums. They include Norwegian singer/songwriter Finn Coren,[1] British art-pop vocalist Tim Bowness,[1] and US avant-rock guitarist Michael S. Judge.[1] The band released 2011 her album Terminal Twilight, which featured the cover Animal Magnetism from the German band Scorpions.[4]

Band members[edit]

Current band members[edit]

Former band members[edit]

  • Trude Eidtang - vocals
  • Marthe Berger Walthinsen - bass
  • Aage Moltke Schou - drums
  • Erik Holm - drums
  • Danny Young - drums
  • Alexander Engebretsen - bass
  • Per Christian Stenberg - bass
  • Eldrid Johansen - vocals
  • Sara Trondal - vocals
  • Tirill Mohn - violin
  • Audun Kjus - flute and vocals
  • Jan Tariq Rahman - keyboards, bass, woodwinds and vocals (founding member)



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