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White onion
White onions drying.jpg
White onions
SpeciesAllium cepa

White onion (Allium cepa, 'sweet onion') is a cultivar of dry onion, that has a pure white papery skin and a sweet, mild white flesh.[1]

Similar to red onions, due to the high sugar content, they have a short shelf life, lasting up to 2 days, or if refrigerated, they can last up to a month.[2]

This onion is used in Mexican foods or complementing the flavors of other ingredients.

The onion can be sautéed to a dark brown color and served to provide a sweet and sour flavor to other foods.

Small white onions used in soups,[3] casseroles, or stews are known as 'boiler onions'.[4][5][6] They can also be added to salads.[1]


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