Whitebridge, Scotland

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Whitebridge Hotel

Whitebridge (Scottish Gaelic: An Drochaid Bhàn) is a small village on the southwest side of Loch Ness in northern Scotland. It is roughly 25 miles from Inverness and eight miles from Fort Augustus. Whitebridge is home to fewer than 100 people spread over roughly 5 miles. It is a very popular tourist destination. Most of the permanent residents are farmers or gamekeepers, or commute to work in Inverness. Most children attend Stratherrick Primary School in the neighbouring village of Gorthleck.

The Wade Bridge

The village's name comes from the bridge over the River Fechlin, constructed in 1732. This was built by General Wade as part of a military road in an attempt to suppress further Jacobite risings. A garrison used to be stationed in Whitebridge.

Visitors can stay at The Whitebridge Hotel and Wildside lodges. There are three estates nearby, Dell Estate, Knockie Estate, Garagie Estate.

The village was home to award winning Scottish poet Ian Abbot (1947–1989) during his later life. He wrote the collection Avoiding the Gods. Abbot died during a car accident in the village.[1]

The annual Loch Ness Marathon starts near Whitebridge.


Coordinates: 57°12′15″N 4°30′8″W / 57.20417°N 4.50222°W / 57.20417; -4.50222