Whitefish River (Sudbury District)

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For other places with the same name, see Whitefish River.
Whitefish River
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Region Northeastern Ontario
District Sudbury
 - right West River
Source Daisy Lake
 - elevation 230 m (755 ft)
 - coordinates 46°26′37″N 80°54′02″W / 46.44361°N 80.90056°W / 46.44361; -80.90056
Mouth North Channel, Lake Huron
 - location Whitefish Falls
 - elevation 176 m (577 ft)
 - coordinates 46°06′30″N 81°43′57″W / 46.10833°N 81.73250°W / 46.10833; -81.73250Coordinates: 46°06′30″N 81°43′57″W / 46.10833°N 81.73250°W / 46.10833; -81.73250
Location of the mouth of the Whitefish River in Ontario.

The Whitefish River is a river in Sudbury District in northeastern Ontario, Canada and a tributary of Lake Huron.


The river begins at Daisy Lake in the city of Greater Sudbury. It flows through Richard, McFarlane and Long Lakes to the unincorporated Eden township, where it flows into Round Lake on the Whitefish Lake Ojibwa reserve. From Round Lake, the river flows into Lake Panache.

Near the western end of Lake Panache, the river flows into Walker Lake, Little Bear Lake and Plunge Lake along the outer boundary of Killarney Lakelands and Headwaters Provincial Park. Where Plunge Lake joins Hannah Lake, the river flows westward, entering Lang Lake. It picks up the Howry Creek system as a tributary at the Whitefish River reserve, and subsequently flows into Charlton Lake. At Willisville, the Cranberry River system also flows into the Whitefish River. The river then flows a short distance further, takes in the right tributary West River, and reaches Whitefish Falls, where it ends at the Bay of Islands on the North Channel of Lake Huron.


  • West River (right)
  • Cranberry River
  • Howry Creek (left)
  • Lake Panache
    • St. Leonard Creek (right)
    • Annie Creek (left)
    • Gabodin Creek (left)
    • Bevin Creek (left)
  • Blackwater Creek (right)
  • Makada Creek (right)
  • Luke Creek (left)
  • Wavy Creek (left)
  • Maki Creek (left)

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