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Whitehouse High School

The Whitehouse Independent School District is a school district in Whitehouse, Texas, United States. In addition to Whitehouse, the district also serves some of the southeast Tyler.

In 2009, the school district was rated "academically acceptable" by the Texas Education Agency.[1]

School Campuses[edit]

  • Whitehouse High School (Grades 9-12)
  • Whitehouse Junior High (Grades 7-8)
  • J.W. Holloway Middle (Grade 6)
  • H.L. Higgins Elementary (Grades PreK-5)
  • Mozelle Brown Elementary (Grade PreK-5)
  • Stanton-Smith Elementary (Grades PreK-5)
  • Gus Winston Cain Elementary (Grades PreK-5)

Extracurricular programs[edit]

Extracurricular programs include high class concert and marching band, a choir program, a theater arts company, art classes, Spanish (from 7th grade), and athletics. Whitehouse's marching band is known as "The Best Marching Band in East Texas" because of the extravagant performances they put on during hometown football games and their role in the Tyler Rose Parade, Christmas parade, and other area celebrations. Onlookers often mistake the Whitehouse Junior High Band for a high school marching band because of their skill and prestige. Likewise, the Whitehouse High School Band could be mistaken for a College level band. Not only for their musicianship, but their sheer size, which is roughly 270 members strong. This has left the residents of Whitehouse and the surrounding cities eager to view their next performances. The District also is known for its outstanding athletic program, in which, On November 8th, the high school football team became undefeated in regular season play, beating John Tyler High School, led by Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Additionally, the baseball program has reached the UIL State Baseball Tournament twice (2013 and 2016)


The district is led by Dr. Christopher Moran, superintendent of schools. The WISD school board is led by Greg Hood, president; Wade Weathers, vice president; and Holly Conaway, secretary.


  • Whitehouse High School: Dr. Jonathan Campbell
  • Whitehouse Junior High School: Joshua Garred
  • Holloway Middle School: Travis Splinter
  • Stanton-Smith Elementary School: Curtis Williams
  • Higgins Elementary School: Tom Luce
  • Brown Elementary School: Valencia Ray
  • Cain Elementary School: Sherri Randell


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