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Publication information
PublisherOni Press
FormatLimited series
Publication dateJuly – November 1998
No. of issues4
Main character(s)Carrie Stetko
Creative team
Created byGreg Rucka
Steve Lieber
Written byGreg Rucka
Artist(s)Steve Lieber
Letterer(s)Steve Lieber
Editor(s)Jamie S. Rich
Bob Schreck
Collected editions
Definitive editionISBN 978-1-932664-70-6

Whiteout is a comic book limited series by writer Greg Rucka and artist Steve Lieber. It was originally released in four issues during 1998, by Oni Press and then collected into a trade paperback.

A film adaptation of the series was released in 2009.


The story follows Carrie Stetko, a Deputy U.S. Marshal working at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, and her investigation of a murder that takes place there. The story moves through many Antarctic stations, as Stetko chases down suspects and finds more murders. Early in the story, Stetko is attacked by the killer and left for dead in a storm. She saves herself but loses two fingers due to severe cold-related injuries.

Publication history[edit]

The series was followed by a sequel, Whiteout: Melt. Stetko is sent back to Antarctica by the government, as she is familiar with the territory and there had been a mass murder. It turns out Russian mercenaries are on a rampage. Stetko and a rogue Russian intelligence officer must save the day.

A third volume in the series, originally advertised as Whiteout: Thaw, was expected to be released as four separate issues beginning in the Fall of 2007.[1] In December 2008, Rucka announced in a forum post that the title was changed to Whiteout: Night and the publication of the series would probably start in the Fall 2009.[2]

The book once crossed over with Barry Ween, in a 6-page story done for the Oni Press Summer Vacation Supercolor Fun Special. The story, titled Weenout: The Carrie-Ween Crossover, was co-written by Rucka and Ween creator Judd Winick, illustrated by Winick and colored by Guy Major. Additionally, Lieber drew a B&W "pin-up" of Carrie & Barry for the Special, where Barry has built Carrie a robotic hand (complete with death ray) to replace her three-fingered right hand.

Collected editions[edit]

The series are collected as trade paperbacks:

In 2001 both series were collected into a limited edition hardcover, Total Whiteout (ISBN 0936211601).


In 1999 Whiteout was nominated for the "Best Writer", "Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team" and "Best Limited Series" Eisner Awards[3] and in 2000 it was nominated for the "Best Graphic Album" Eisner Award.[4]

The Carrie Stetko character was ranked 44th in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics" list.[5]

Film adaptation[edit]

A critically and commercially panned film based on the comic book was released in 2009. It was directed by Dominic Sena, and stars Kate Beckinsale and Gabriel Macht in the lead roles.


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