Whitesand Lake (Hewitson River)

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Whitesand Lake
Location Thunder Bay District, Ontario, Canada
Coordinates 48°51′10″N 87°22′52″W / 48.85278°N 87.38111°W / 48.85278; -87.38111Coordinates: 48°51′10″N 87°22′52″W / 48.85278°N 87.38111°W / 48.85278; -87.38111
Primary inflows Whitesand River
Primary outflows Hewitson River
Basin countries Canada
Max. length 4 km (2.5 mi)
Max. width 1.7 km (1.1 mi)
Surface elevation 283 m (928 ft)

Whitesand Lake is a lake in Thunder Bay District, Ontario, Canada, part of the Hewitson River system. Another lake in Thunder Bay District with the same name, Whitesand Lake (Lake Nipigon), lies further northwest and flows via the Whitesand River (Lake Nipigon) into Lake Nipigon.

Whitesand Lake is just north of Highway 17, about 9 kilometres (6 mi) east of the community of Rossport and 8 kilometres (5 mi) west of the community of Schreiber. The lake is about 4 kilometres (2 mi) long at its longest, and 1.7 kilometres (1.1 mi) at its widest. It is shaped roughly like the letter "H", with an elongated and fatter lower right arm. The primary inflow is the Whitesand River (Hewitson River) at the north side of the lake, and the lake flows out at the south-west via the Hewitson River over the Rainbow Falls into Lake Superior.


A campground of Rainbow Falls Provincial Park is on the south side of Whitesand Lake near the outflow to the Hewitson River.