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A whitewash is an informal term in sport describing a game or series in which the losing person or team fails to score.

A whitewash may be in a single game where the loser fails to score any points or goals, or in a series where the loser fails to win a game. In North America the two are differentiated, with the former called a shutout and the latter a sweep.

It is not typically used for games such as football where a failure to score is very common; the winning team's goalkeeper is said to keep a clean sheet if they do not concede a goal.


In cricket, Whitewash is a term that is used when a team wins all the matches played in a series of at least 3 matches.

Rugby union[edit]

The term whitewash is also used in rugby union when one team loses every single match in a particular series. The team that comes last in the Six Nations Championship has the ignominy of being awarded the wooden spoon, even if they have not suffered a complete whitewash.


In ATP and WTA tennis, the term whitewash is used when a player fails to win a game in a match (6-0, 6-0, 6-0 or 6-0, 6-0), also called a triple- or double-bagel respectively. Double bagels are more common.


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