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Origin Denton, Texas
Years active 1989 (1989)–1997
Associated acts Zac Baird has performed with Korn, Jonathan Davis and the SFA, Fear and the Nervous System, Everlast, BillyGoat, Hairy Apes BMX -- Thad Scott has performed with Marcia Ball -- Raul Vallejo has performed with Hellfire Horns, Blues Traveler -- Fernando Castillo has performed with Blues Traveler, Jason Mraz, Kelly Clarkson, Cristian Castro, Rob Thomas, Willie Nelson, Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Luscious Jackson, The Meters, Don Henley [1] -- John Speice has performed with Hairy Apes BMX -- Eric Hansen has performed with Jimmy LaFave, Mike McClure Band, Cody Canada and the Departed

Whitey was an American band playing rock, funk and Latin styles from 1989 to 1997. Originating in Denton, Texas, Whitey was popular in the Dallas and Austin scenes including Deep Ellum and became known for its wild stage antics. They toured extensively throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

In 1994, Whitey won the Dallas Observer Music Awards - Best FUNK/R&B Group Category [2]

Whitey was formed in Denton in the early1990s, the brain child of Corey Korn while playing in another Denton band called the Cowtippers. The original name was to be Kill Whitey (an ironic twist on a (mostly) white funk band), but Corey thought it might be too extreme and shortened it to Whitey.

"In the early 1990s, the underground sounds of Denton bubbled to the surface and people noticed — albeit not for the first time, since Denton’s musical prowess is a cyclical phenomenon. The main clubs of Denton at the time — the Gravity Room, the Library and later Rick’s Place, The Depot Beer Garden — were hosting funk bands of the Goodfoot, Whitey, Billygoat and Ten Hands variety." [3]

Past band members[edit]

  • Chris Veon (Catfish) - Vocals, Guitar
  • Zac Baird (Zaphrodesiac) - Vocals, Keyboards
  • Carl (Captain Carl) - Vocals, Keys
  • Corey Korn (Fuzzy Bubba) - Bass, Vocals
  • Andrew Barefoot (Speed Jesus) - Bass
  • Eric Korb (?) - Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet
  • David Willingham (Dr. Lovedaddy) - Guitar
  • Austin Castillo (Mr. December 27) - Lead Birthday
  • Thad Scott (Neckbone) - Sax
  • Raul Vallejo (Rolo the Latin Lover) -Trombone
  • Fernando Castillo (Frog Leg) - Trumpet (currently with The Grooveline Horns)[1]
  • William Brown (Bill 10") - Sax&10"
  • J. Walter Hawkes (Pork Chop) - Trombone
  • Phill (Peanut) - Drums
  • David C (?) - Percussion, Drums
  • Jesse (?) - Drums
  • Toby Sheets (Marijuanicus) - Drums, Percussion,Vocals
  • Mike (?) - Drums
  • Eric Hansen (Superfoot) - Drums
  • John Speice (?) - Drums
  • GO GO RAY (?) - Drums
  • Chris L (The Professor) - Percussion, Drums
  • Laura Elizabeth Sinks (Magic Momma) - Vocals
  • Rebecca (Madame Miracle) - Vocals
  • Shawna (Sister Sunshine) - Vocals
  • Trey (?) - Vocals
  • J Rob (J Rob) - Vocals
  • Brit Davis (Duck Butter) - Drums, Percussion,Dance



  • Whitey - 1992 (cassette)
  • Up on the Deeper Still - 1994 (cassette)

Compilation albums[edit]

  • Tales From The Edge - 1992 KDGE-FM (CD)[4] Album Information[5]
  • Denton Discoveries - 1993 (CD)[6]


  • Black Label Days - 1998 (CD)


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