Whiting (surname)

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Region of origin England
Language(s) Old English
Meaning The white or fair offspring

The surname Whiting is of Saxon origin meaning 'the white or fair offspring'.[1] The Saxon suffix "-ing" denotes 'son of' or 'offspring'. It is a patronymic name from the Old English pre-7th Century 'Hwita' meaning 'the white' or 'fair one'. The surname first appears in documentation from the late 11th Century and has a number of variant forms ranging from 'Whiteing', and 'Whitting' to 'Witting'.[2] However, the name was first found in Devon where it was seated both before and after the Norman Conquest.[3]


In Great Britain, there are an estimated 3,169 with the surname Whiting.[4]

According to the 1990 U.S. Census, Whiting is the 2,565th most popular surname in the United States, carried by 0.005% of the population.

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