Whitley Gilbert-Wayne

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Whitley Gilbert-Wayne
A Different World character
First appearanceReconcilable Differences
Last appearanceWhen One Door Closes...: Part 2
Created byBill Cosby
Portrayed byJasmine Guy[1]
Full nameWhitley Marion Gilbert
OccupationAssistant Art Buyer
SpouseDwayne Cleofis Wayne

Whitley Marion Gilbert is a fictional character who appears in the American sitcom A Different World, portrayed by actress Jasmine Guy.[2][3][4] Dwayne Wayne has an on off relationship with Whitley Gilbert.[5]


Whitley Gilbert was based on head writer Susan Fales-Hill.[6]

Character History[edit]

In the beginning of the series Whitley Gilbert was the southern belle of Gilbert Hall. Denise Huxtable and Whitley shared a room briefly before Denise went back to Jaleesa. Later in the 1st season, Whitley befriended Millie. At the end of the season, Whitley loaned Dwayne Wayne money so that he could go on his date with Denise.

When Denise left the show, Whitley became Dwayne's love interest; their attraction continued through the next 2 seasons of the show. Despite this, Whitley dated Julian Day during Season 3. The relationship ended when Julian took Whitley out to a fancy dinner to ask Whitley to move in with him instead of proposing as she'd expected. At the end of the third season, Whitley decided to stay in school for another year to get the degree she really wanted. At the start of the fourth season, Whitley became interested in Dwayne to such a degree that she schemed how Kinu, Dwayne's girlfriend at the time, might break up with him.

Soon, Dwayne realized his true feelings for Whitley. Soon, Dwayne proposed to Whitley and she accepted. Also, Whitley became the new dorm director in Height Hall. Whitley began to put much pressure on Dwayne. Dwayne went out with another woman for coffee. When he told her, Whitley broke the engagement. Dwayne and Whitley became mean to each other. Whitley got a job buying corporate art. She was sexually harassed by her boss and decided to file a complaint against him. Also Whitley befriended a newspaper reporter masquerading as a criminal. Later, Whitley started going out with Byron Douglas, who was running for senator. Dwayne became very jealous. Whitley decided to clear the air with Dwayne and finally put their relationship in the past. The conversation turned into a fight, and they ended up sleeping together. Whitley confessed what happened with Dwayne to Byron and her and Byron decide it was time to become an official couple. After winning the election Byron proposed to Whitley. At the wedding, Dwayne showed Whitley he still loved her and asked her to marry him. Whitley agreed and they got married right away. During their honeymoon, they were in Los Angeles and were caught in the middle of the riots.

During the final season of the show they found a nice house to live in which they rented from a French professor at Hillman. Whitley was laid off from her job as an art buyer which led to a series of episodes forcing her to deal with the ups and downs of real life (unemployment and job-searches). She eventually takes a job as teacher in the inner city. This leads to her developing a relationship tutoring one of her young students struggling with learning through the use of conventional methods. The student, a female, shows an interest in sports which inspires Dwayne (with the original idea for the game coming from his best friend Ron Johnson) to develop an educational video game (Grammar Boy). He decides to pitch the game to Kinishewa which landed him a job paying $80,000 a year (in Japan). The final episode follows Whitley and Dwayne as they announce the news that they are expecting their first child and moving to Japan.


The character gained a mostly positive reception from critics.[7][8][9][10]


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