Whitley Secondary School

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Whitley Secondary School
Sekolah Menengah Whitley
WSS sch logo.jpg
Type Government, Secondary
Motto "Knowledge & Sportsmanship"
Established 3 January 1965
Session Single session
School code 3015
Principal Mrs Tay Yang Fern
Gender Boys & Girls (Mixed)
Enrolment approx. 900
Brown and White

Whitley Secondary School (abbreviation: WSS) is a co-educational government secondary school located at 30, Bishan St 24, Bishan, Singapore. Whitley Secondary (School Cluster) is the centre of excellence for national education of Singapore for South Zone.

The school was temporarily relocated to 430 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 from 2006–2007, but has been moved back to its original location, 30 Bishan Street 24.

40th anniversary celebrations[edit]

In 2006, the school celebrated its 40th anniversary and had its first musical gala dinner followed by a musical festival night. On the 22nd of October the school organized a Carnival. A fair was organized, with stalls selling goods and art pieces to raise funds for the major renovation (PRIME) for Bishan Campus.

Homecoming March 2008[edit]

On 31 December 2007, students and teachers marched from Toa Payoh Holding Campus back to the new Bishan Campus.


Years Active Principal
2004 - 2010 Ms Foong Lai Leong
2010 - 2012 Mr Harphal Singh
2012–Present Mrs Tay Yang Fern

Culture & Tradition[edit]


The Whitley School Uniform (attire)should be worn on working days. It consists of a white sleeved shirt with either short trousers (Secondary 1 & 2) or brown long trousers (Secondary 3, 4 & 5) for males and brown skirts for females.
White socks and shoes are compulsory with the attire.
Whitleyans wear a brown striped tie every Wednesday and go to the hall to watch a performance.

House System[edit]

The students are grouped into four houses, Taurus, Capricorn, Leo, and Sagittarius, that compete against each other in the school's Annual Sports Day, Cross-Country Championships and inter-house games. The houses are represented by different colours.

  • Red - Taurus
  • Blue - Capricorn
  • Yellow - Leo
  • Green - Sagittarius

For physical activities, students are required to be in school attire. Students are not allowed to change house nor represent another house in sports activities. 'Whitley' is printed at the back of the shirt. They are allocated to a house in secondary school.


The demonym of the students are Whitleyans.

Incentives and sanctions[edit]

Personal electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets are not allowed during the school day except in cases of emergency or with the permission of a teacher. However, school computers are used for IT Learning in order to enhance the learning experience for all students.

The punishment for students in Whitley for offences such as truancy, gambling, vandalism, fighting, smoking, theft, bullying, cheating, or being repeatedly disrespectful to staff, is to be sent to the principal or discipline master. Repeat offences may result in harsher punishment. Multiple instances of relatively minor offences such as inappropriate hairstyle and consistent tardiness will be included in the student's report card.

Campus and facilities[edit]

Sports Facilities[edit]

The school has an indoor sports hall which is used for Artistic Gymnastics (Trampoline). It is used for PE Lessons and CCA. Students use it to compete with competitors from other schools.

Design and technology rooms[edit]

There are 2 floors of D&T rooms for D&T Projects. Students are not allowed to enter without the supervision of a teacher.

Co-curricular activities[edit]

Uniformed groups

  • Girls' Brigade
  • Boys' Brigade
  • NCC (Land)
  • NPCC
  • Girl Guides

Performing arts

  • Modern Dance
  • Malay Dance
  • Indian Dance
  • Concert Band
  • Drama Club
  • Choir


  • Basketball
  • Artistic Gymnastics
  • Gymnastics Trampoline
  • Soccer (Boys)
  • Track and Field Club
  • Golf Club
  • Badminton

Clubs and societies

  • Art Club
  • Infocomm Club
  • Broadcasting Club
  • CABIN Club
  • Library Club
  • Design & Technology Club
  • Chess Club
  • Green Club
  • Innovation & Enterprise Club
  • Photography Club


( National/South Zone Inter-School Sports Competition )

  • Gymnastics (Trampoline) - C Division Girls - 4th, C Division Boys - 3rd, B Division Girls - 4th, B Division Boys - 3rd

(SYF Central Judging Dance/Choir/Band Competition)

  • Chinese Dance, 2003 - Silver, 2005 - Silver, 2007 - Silver
  • Indian Dance, 2003 - Bronze, 2005 - Bronze, 2007 - Gold (With Honours)
  • Malay Dance, 2003 - Bronze, 2005 - Silver, 2007 - Silver
  • Choir, 2003 - COP, 2005 - Bronze, 2007 - COP
  • Concert Band, 2003 - Silver, 2005 - Silver, 2007 - Silver, 2009-Silver

(Other Achievement)

  • CHERISH Award - Silver
  • Alumni - Vanessa Ann Thomas won 3 awards together with her five-member team in Crowbar Awards 2007
  • Singapore Mathematical Olympiads Competition 2007
    • SMO Junior Results: 2 Silver, 7 Bronze, 2 Honourable Mention
    • School Rank: 28th
    • SMO Senior Results: 2 Silver, 4 Bronze, 5 Honourable Mention
    • School Rank: 25th
  • Trim and Fit Award 2006 - Silver
  • Maths Olympiad 2006 - 2 Silver Awards(Shawn Tan Han Liang), 2 Bronze Awards (U Bhalraam and William Ong), 4 Honorable Mention Awards(Song Hui Xuan). Overall 27th Position
  • Roving DV 2006 (by Mediacorp and NYJC) - Best Scripting Aaward
    • Huang Han
    • Tan Chong Der
    • Li Jie
  • Action Script Awards - Kok Mun Jun - Merit Award (2005)
  • Broadcasting Club - Wannabe DJ Competition First and Fourth positions. Best Talent Award, Best Jingle Award, Most Popular Performer award
  • Chinese Media Camp (South Zone)- Best News Award (2005)
    • Vinson Chen
    • Fu Yan
    • Ma Qun
  • Hollaback Crew Competition
    • Second, 2 Teams went in the finals
    • Teacher won 98.7FM's Most Supportive Teacher Award.
  • Cluster's Chinese Book Review Competition
    • Upper Secondary - First Prize
    • Lower Secondary - First and Third Prize
  • Cluster's Tamil Language Camp
    • Drama competition - First prize (Upper and Lower Secondary)
    • Dance competition - First and Third Prize
  • Trim and fit Award - Silver (2004)
  • Girl Guides - Chia Shi Min - President Guide Award (2004)
  • RAYSE Competition - Stamps
    • Samuel Bong - Gold award with distinction
    • Chong Yi Huai - Gold Award
    • Jonathan Ang - Silver Award
    • Xie Zhisen - Silver Award
    • Kok Mun Jun - Bronze Award
  • "Thirukural " Research Competition - 3rd Prize
  • Creative Science and Innovation Competition - 1st Runner-Up and "Most feasible Idea" award.

Notable alumni[edit]