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Whitsome is a small rural village in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland, on the B6437, near Duns, Fogo, Ladykirk, Leitholm and Swinton.

Place-name meaning[edit]

Whitsome derives from Old English hwit-husum "at the white houses". This may refer to white stone buildings, or houses painted white. The name has been recorded as the following over the centuries:

  • æt hwitum husum, 984 (literally "at the white houses, -um being dative plural).
  • Huuithusum, 1038 (double u was written since "w" could not be pronounced by the author)
  • Witsum, 1124 (contracted form)

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Coordinates: 55°45′N 2°13′W / 55.750°N 2.217°W / 55.750; -2.217