Whittington Hospital

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Whittington Hospital
The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust
Whittington Hospital Magdala Avenue N19 5NF - geograph.org.uk - 1062222.jpg
Location Archway, Islington, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates 51°33′59″N 0°08′22″W / 51.5665°N 0.1395°W / 51.5665; -0.1395Coordinates: 51°33′59″N 0°08′22″W / 51.5665°N 0.1395°W / 51.5665; -0.1395
Care system Public NHS
Hospital type District General
Affiliated university University College London
Emergency department Yes Accident & Emergency
Beds 360
Founded 1473 activity on site
1848 current hospital
Website http://www.whittington.nhs.uk/
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The Whittington Hospital is a British hospital in Archway, Islington, north London. It is named after Richard Whittington.

It is a district general hospital, although it is also a teaching hospital of the UCL Medical School and Middlesex University School of Health and Social Sciences. It is managed by the Whittington Hospital NHS Trust.

The trust had a deficit of £19.5 million in 2015 and is proposing £16.5million cuts to its budget.[1]


Although some medical services have been delivered on the site since 1473, the current hospital has its origins in the Small Pox and Vaccination Hospital, built in 1848. Independently managed hospitals were founded on the Archway Site and the Highgate Site. In 1946, all three hospitals were brought together. The current hospital has 360 beds.

A number of other medical facilities have been incorporated into the Whittington Hospital over the years. When the City of London Maternity Hospital was founded in 1750, it was called the Hospital for Married Women in the City of London and parts adjacent and also for sick and lame outpatients. In 1751, it moved, and was renamed the City of London Lying-in Hospital for Married Ladies. It moved again in 1773 to premises between St. Luke's Hospital for Lunatics and the Fox and Goose Ale House in the City Road. In 1918, it became the City of London Maternity Hospital and was eventually incorporated into the main hospital.

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