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Who's your daddy? is a slang expression that, in one use, takes the form of a rhetorical question. It is commonly used as a boastful claim of dominance over the intended listener. It may also be a part of role play between consenting adults or as the cited author ascribes a "claim of sexual dominance of a man over a woman or another man".[1] The phrase itself stands out as a noteworthy lyric from the 1968 song "Time of the Season" by The Zombies: "What's your name? Who's your daddy? Is he rich like me?"



An early use of the phrase occurs in Gene Wilder's 1975 comedy The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother. Sigerson Holmes (Gene Wilder) grills Jenny Hill (Madeline Kahn), the supposed daughter of the British Minister of External Affairs, in a rather unusual interrogation process. While sitting over her almost naked and rather responsive body lying on a couch, he massages her breasts and repeatedly asks her Who's Your Father?.

In the 1979 film Scum,[2] where the 'Daddy' refers to the inmate who runs the borstal. The character Carlin, played by Ray Winstone, brutally bludgeons Banks, the current Daddy, thus becoming the new Daddy.

Widespread provocative use of the phrase began as early as the late 1980s,[3] largely due to its frequent use in sexually suggestive skits broadcast by a popular syndicated radio shock jock known as "The Greaseman". The expression was further popularized in a well known 1991 comedy routine by Dennis Miller. On an early episode of The Daily Show host Craig Kilborn used the line "Who's your daddy? Is he rich like me?"[citation needed], quoting from "Time of the Season".

Denzel Washington playing Coach Boone in Remember the Titans (2000) uses the line to initiate dominance over two student athletes.

In the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005),[4] Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) calls out "Who's your daddy?!" after finishing off a horde of Replicators, using a new form of weapon.

In the movie "Master of Disguise" (2002), Pistachio Disguisey continually says the phrase as he is sparring with a wooden robot.

The phrase was used as the title for a quickly cancelled reality television show, Who's Your Daddy.

In an episode of Will & Grace, Jack, trying to transfer his rapport with Karen to Grace, asks her "Who's Your Daddy?" Grace, taken aback, says "His name is Martin Adler...?"


It was also greatly popularized when the Duke basketball team of the late 1990s had T-shirts and hats printed bearing the phrase as they moved towards a possible NCAA basketball championship coached by Coach K.[citation needed]. One variant commonly targeted at residents of Indiana is "Hoosier Daddy?"[5] The term "Hoosier Daddy" was used during the tenure of Coach Bobby Knight at Indiana University throughout the Midwest as a means of fan excitation. In October 2017, two Indiana University alumni debuted a dope audio show titled "Hoosier Daddy podcast". Now considered a 4.5-star production based on iTunes reviews and the claim the hosts are "classless" [6], the weekly show covers all topics concerning the IU Men's Varsity basketball program.[7]

Also used in the long-standing one sided wrestling rivalry between David Campbell and Logan Stieber. The former being on the winning end of it. The carrier dome would chant it at Stieber during matches.[citation needed]

In the 2004 American League Championship Series it was used as a chant by New York Yankees fans against Boston Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martínez (prompted by his previous statement, "They beat me. They're that good right now. They're that hot. I just tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy."[8]).

In the 2009 World Series, Pedro Martinez once again found himself hearing the "Who's your daddy" chants from the Yankees fans, this time as a starting pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies in Games 2 and 6 of the series vs the AL Champion Yankees. The Yankees would come through against him this time, as they were victorious in both games, including the Game 6 series clinching game. Note: Before Pedro walked off the mound on the final game, the chant was raised once more, but morphed a bit... changing from "Who's Your Daddy?" to "Still Your Daddy!".[citation needed]


In June 2007, Daddy Yankee released a track called "Who's Your Daddy?" on his El Cartel: The Big Boss album.

Video games[edit]

In the computer game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos by Blizzard Entertainment, players may enter the cheat code "WhosYourDaddy" to cause their army to become invulnerable and instantly kill enemies.[9]

Who's Your Daddy? is also the title of an online multiplayer game currently gaining traction in the indie gaming community. Players take either the role of a father rapidly baby-proofing his house until his wife gets home, or the role of a baby vehemently trying to kill itself. The game reached full funding on its Kickstarter Page on October 14, 2015, and was released December 23, 2015.[10]


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