Who's to Say What Stays the Same

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Who's to Say What Stays the Same
EP by Avail
Released 1989, May 1991
Recorded December 1989
Genre Punk rock
Length 12:14
Label SunSpot Records

Joe Banks

Rear cover
The rear cover of the EP

Who's to Say What Stays the Same is Avail's first release. It was originally released on vinyl only in 1989. A remix of this album was released in May 1991. The recording of this album took place during December 1989 at Inner Ear Studio.[1]

Line up[edit]

  • Brien Stewart - Vocals
  • Joe Banks -Guitars
  • Tim Barry - Drums
  • D.J. Grimes - Bass

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Back to the Start"   3:08
2. "Regulation '89"   2:30
3. "No Fixed Address"   3:16
4. "Shine"   3:18
Total length: