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WhoIsHostingThis logo.jpg
Logo of WhoIsHostingThis.com
Type of site
Webmaster tool for web hosting services
Available in English
Owner Quality Nonsense Ltd.
Website www.whoishostingthis.com
Alexa rank Negative increase 30,301 (December 2017)[1]
Registration Optional (required only for blog and forum)
Launched 2007
Current status Active

WhoIsHostingThis.com is a commercial website providing a web hosting search tool and also reviews and thematic comparisons of hosting providers who pay to have their services advertised. It was launched in 2007 by Stan Schroeder and Gordan Orlic and it was acquired in 2008 by London-based Quality Nonsense Ltd.


The web hosting search tool uses multiple data sources as a means to ascertain a website's host. Its search mechanism underwent various improvements, since 2007, in order to meet issues discovered at some point in time.[2] An initial IP based search was supplemented with DNS information, reportedly increasing the accuracy of the answers from 95% to 99%.[3]

The tool is used to gather information about websites (competition,[4] criminal investigations etc.),[citation needed] to research hosting options by drawing upon similar websites,[5][6] to fill a DMCA complaint in cases of content theft[4] or to report malicious behavior to the respective hosts of the problematic websites.[3]

A section of WhoIsHostingThis.com contains the reviews submitted by webhost clients, while a comparison section categorizes the hosting providers by price or key features, like disk space, scripting, language or location (316 hosting companies compared, as of August 2012).[citation needed]


WhoIsHostingThis.com was launched in 2007 by Stan Schroeder (currently the European editor at Mashable) and Gordan Orlic. Its initial design, intended simple and effective, comprised only a central search box, offering the 'Find a Host' service. In 2008, it was acquired by Quality Nonsense Ltd., a London-based company that runs a network of sites for webmasters. The website was subsequently redesigned in order to include additional features, like reviews, forum, blog, coupons, while keeping the area not cluttered.[7]


The website was described as a "Google-style experience" in finding hosting providers.[3] It is recommended by web hosting companies like Plesk[citation needed] or cPanel,[8] or by the UK government[citation needed] and the Association of Chief Police Officers in the UK,[9][10] for tracking down website hosts.


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