Who Feels Love?

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"Who Feels Love?"
Single by Oasis
from the album Standing on the Shoulder of Giants
B-side "One Way Road"
"Helter Skelter"
Released 17 April 2000
Format CD, 7" vinyl, 12" vinyl, cassette
Recorded 1999
Genre Alternative rock, neo-psychedelia, raga rock
Length 5:44
Label Big Brother
Writer(s) Noel Gallagher
Producer(s) Mark Stent, Noel Gallagher
Oasis singles chronology
"Where Did It All Go Wrong?"
"Who Feels Love?"
"Sunday Morning Call"
Music video
"Who Feels Love?" on YouTube

"Who Feels Love?" is a song by the English rock band Oasis, written by the band's lead guitarist Noel Gallagher. It became the second single to be released from the album Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, peaking at number 4 in the UK charts. Though the single was a success, it failed to achieve a Silver or better sales certification in the UK - unlike the previous 12 British Oasis singles.

The album was noted for its psychedelic feel, and "Who Feels Love?" was held up as the most extreme example of this. Mark Stent was praised for his production on the song, creating a "trippy" feel like that found on Beatles songs such as "Rain". With the psychedelic and Eastern sound, the song also reminds of George Harrison achievements like "Within You Without You" and also some of his solo work.

However, despite the high-quality production, the song was not well received by the critics, NME said that the production "triumphs over any real sort of feeling... pure mock Maharishi spirituality that not even Liam can salvage from the realm of self-parody".

One of the B-sides is a cover of The Beatles' "Helter Skelter". It was played live during the Shoulders tour of 2000. Paul Weller recorded a version of b-side "One Way Road" for his covers-album Studio 150 in 2004. The Weller version was subsequently used as the theme tune to Jack Dee's sitcom Lead Balloon.

The video was filmed in Death Valley, California.

Track listing[edit]

  • CD RKIDSCD 003

All songs written by Noel Gallagher except track 3

  1. "Who Feels Love?" - 5:45
  2. "One Way Road" - 4:03
  3. "Helter Skelter" - 5:51 (Lennon–McCartney)
  • 7" RKID 003
  1. "Who Feels Love?" - 5:45
  2. "One Way Road" - 4:03
  • 12" RKID 003T
  1. "Who Feels Love?" - 5:45
  2. "One Way Road" - 4:03
  3. "Helter Skelter" - 5:51
  • Cassette RKIDCS 003
  1. "Who Feels Love?" - 5:45
  2. "One Way Road" - 4:03
  • The UK CD also contains the promo video to "Who Feels Love?"
  • "Helter Skelter" was recorded during the sessions for Be Here Now.
  • Japanese CD edition ESCA 8133
  1. "Who Feels Love?" - 5:44
  2. "One Way Road" - 4:03
  3. "Gas Panic!" (demo) - 6:39
  • The demo for "Gas Panic!" was only ever officially released in Japan before being included on a free Oasis CD issued with The Sunday Times on 23 June 2002.
  • Musician, Rob Smith said in an interview on Irish national television in December 2006 that this was the most under-rated song of all time and should be "praised for its genius".

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