Who Killed Bambi? (unfinished film)

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Who Killed Bambi? was to be the first film featuring the punk rock band the Sex Pistols, and was due to be released in 1978. Russ Meyer and then Jonathan Kaplan were due to direct[1][2] from a script by Roger Ebert and Pistols' manager Malcolm McLaren. The film was intended as a punk rock version of A Hard Day's Night. Ebert asserted that only a day and a half's worth of shooting took place, although this is contradicted by Julian Bray, who supplied location services to McLaren's Matrixbest company.[citation needed] The filming was halted when 20th Century Fox, who were shocked by what they read in the script, pulled all funding. Sets that had been built at Bray Studios in Berkshire were destroyed.

McLaren eventually made The Great Rock and Roll Swindle with director Julien Temple, the trailer for which included the title shot of a deer being killed. This scene was not, however, in the finished film. A song with the same name is also featured in the film, sung by Edward Tudor-Pole. Additional footage appeared in the 2000 documentary The Filth and the Fury.

In April 2010, Roger Ebert posted the screenplay of Who Killed Bambi? (originally titled Anarchy in the UK) on his blog.[3]


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