Who Loves the Sun

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Who Loves the Sun
Who Loves the Sun poster.jpg
Directed byMatt Bissonnette
Produced byCorey Marr
Brendon Sawatzky
Written byMatt Bissonnette
StarringLukas Haas
Molly Parker
Adam Scott
R.H. Thomson
Wendy Crewson
Music byMac McCaughan
CinematographyArthur E. Cooper
Edited byMichele Conroy
Distributed byChristal Films Axiom Films (UK and Ireland)
Release date
  • June 6, 2006 (2006-06-06)
Running time
94 minutes

Who Loves the Sun is a 2006 Canadian film directed and written by Matt Bissonnette and starring Lukas Haas, Molly Parker, Adam Scott, R.H. Thomson, and Wendy Crewson.


Will Morrison (Lukas Haas) and Daniel Bloom (Adam Scott) were best friends. Daniel was Will's best man at his wedding to Maggie Claire (Molly Parker). Then one day Will disappeared without a word. Five years later, he re-surfaces. When Will and Daniel meet again, they go together to the docks to pick up Maggie, who slaps Will the minute she sees him. It appears that five years ago, Will came into the room where Daniel and Maggie were having an affair, which Maggie claimed later was a one time 'quickie'. She was upset for the sudden disappearance of Will, five years ago, and demands an explanation. Will ends up apologizing for that. Daniel kisses Maggie and tries to renew his affair with her; he had kept writing her throughout the past five years with no response from her. Maggie refuses his move and tells him that their affair was a great mistake.


The film was shot in the Canadian Shield.


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