Who Shot Patakango?

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Who Shot Patakango?
Who Shot Patakango?.jpg
Directed by Robert Brooks
Written by Halle Brooks (writer)
Robert Brooks (writer)
Release date
August 1989 (1989-08)

Who Shot Patakango?, a.k.a. Who Shot Pat? is a 1989 movie starring Sandra Bullock.


The film is set in Brooklyn, New York and focuses on the coming of age of a group of high school teens in the late 1950s. Bic Bickham (played by actor David Edwin Knight), a student at a vocational high school in Brooklyn falls in love with Devlin Moran (played by Sandra Bullock), a private school student from a wealthy family. The movie highlights the tough streets of New York City in the 1950s and the final realization that a gang is nothing more than a bunch of bums, reminiscent of The Outsiders.[1]



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