Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Nigerian game show)

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Who wants to be a millionaire?
Logo of Nigerian Millionaire.jpg
Logo of Who wants to be a millionaire?
Presented by Frank Edoho
Country of origin Nigeria
Original network NTA
Original release 8 October 2004 – present
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Who wants to be a millionaire? is a Nigerian game show based on the original British format of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. It first aired on 8 October 2004.


Three lifelines were presented at the beginning of the game in order to aid contestants:

  • 50/50: The computer eliminates two random wrong options, leaving the right option and the other remaining wrong option.
  • Phone a Friend: The contestant calls one of their five prearranged friends, who provided their phone numbers in advance. The contestant has 30 seconds to read the question and four possible options to the friend, who then has the remaining time to offer input.
  • Ask the Audience: Audience members use touch pads to designate what they believe the correct option to be. The percentage of the audience choosing each specific option is displayed to the contestant.

Top prize winners[edit]

  • Osazuwa Osahon Daniels - 5 million Naira (Year 2009)
  • Aroma Ufodike Chimuanya - 10 million Naira (Year 2009)
  • Babatunde Oni Oladipo - 5 million Naira (Year 2010)
  • Nnaemeka Ubaekwena - 5 million Naira (Year 2012)
  • Winifred E. Karieren - 5 million Naira [First female to win 5 million] (Year 2012)
  • Sammy Abraham - 5 million Naira (Year 2013)
  • Olalowo Olatokun - 5 million Naira (Year 2014)

Final question right[edit]

On September 11, 2009, a contestant called Aroma Ufodike became the first person to win the 10,000,000, and currently[when?], he is the only one who won the top prize of this game show.[1][2] One of the questions related to celebrated Nigerian football referee Linus Mbah. Just like in Slumdog Millionaire Mr. Ufodike was able to answer the question from his personal experience. Ironically Mr. Mbah lived in the apartment above him or, as Mr. Ufodike put it - "He lives on top of me!"[3]

Final question wrong[edit]

A contestant called Chukwuma Eze provided the wrong answer for the final ₦10,000,000 question where he competed on WWTBAM in March 6, 2016. He asked the audience and decided to go with the most popular answer, which was wrong. He lost ₦4,750,000 and walked away with ₦250,000.

Table of prizes[edit]

The payout structure is as below.

Payout structure
Question number Question value
(Yellow zones are the guaranteed levels)
1 ₦ 5,000
2 ₦ 7,500
3 ₦ 10,000
4 ₦ 15,000
5 ₦ 20,000
6 ₦ 30,000
7 ₦ 45,000
8 ₦ 70,000
9 ₦ 120,000
10 ₦ 250,000
11 ₦ 500,000
12 ₦ 1,000,000
13 ₦ 2,000,000
14 ₦ 5,000,000
15 ₦ 10,000,000


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